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We maximize the market value of your bioproducts.

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 with our powerful biowaste management solutions.


What we do

Through close collaboration, in-depth data collection, and leveraging over 35 years of experience, we empower biowaste processors to optimize treatment, secure financial resources, identify market opportunities, and acquire more customers. 

Who we serve

We work across the sustainability industry with a specialized focus on bioprocessing facilities and technology providers. Our tailored solutions cater to companies at all stages, from startups to well-established enterprises.

Waste Water Treatment Facility

Meet the team

Through our expertise and passion for sustainability, Noble Bioresources is revolutionizing biowaste treatment and leading the charge towards a regenerative future.

Dave Miles, Head of Operations Noble Bioresources

Dave Miles
| Head of Operations

Dave's people-oriented approach, combined with his extensive business knowledge as a co-founder of bioenergy and bioplastic companies, along with his financial expertise, has made him a seasoned expert in partnership coordination and identifying market opportunities.

Dan Noble, Founder & CEO Noble Bioresources

Dan Noble
| Founder & CEO

With a Ph.D. in biology and a passion for the circular economy, Dan is a leading figure in the organic waste industry. As the Executive Director of the Association of Compost Producers and a co-founder of Resource Trends Inc., he brings extensive expertise to the field of biowaste management.

Brendan Lehman, Head of Marketing Noble Bioresources

Brendan Lehman
| Head of Marketing

Brendan excels in strategy, marketing and design. His entrepreneurial ventures, which include founding Liquid Box Design & Aspire Art Boards, have fostered a diverse skill set that he adeptly applies to assist processors in effectively marketing their bioproducts.

Compost Pile

Supercharge your bioproducts.

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