Learn how Noble Bioresources can turn your biowaste & bioproduct into profits.

Creating a profitable, renewable future one community at a time.


We live in an era where there is more waste than ever.

The world generates over 2,000,000,000 tonnes of municipal solid waste annually. Much of which is not managed in an environmentally safe manner.

And fixing our waste problem is complicated.

Without adopting renewable sources of energy, society will continue damaging the environment and eventually run out of resources.


That's where we come in. 

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Noble Bioresources prioritizes the needs of human & environmental health through bio-waste management solutions while helping you advance toward a regenerative & profitable organization.

Turn biowaste into energy


Meet government regulations


Help heal the planet


Better serve your community


Energy and products converted from biowaste that fuel the regenerative economy. 


How are Bioresources Made?


Bio-Fuel converted from bio-waste can be used to power anything from vehicles to machinery.

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01| Creation

Feedstocks are created from crops, manure, food scraps, and other organic bio-waste.

Feedstocks are separated from debris and other unwanted materials.

Feedstocks are collected and transported to a processing facility.

Feedstocks are processed and made into clean, marketable products & energy.

02| Treatment

03| Transport

04| Processing

Electricity generated from bio-waste can be used for homes, towns and even cities.



Compost made from bio-waste is a superior alternative to chemical fertilizer, nutrient deficient animal feed, and much more.


Where do you fit in?

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Food Processor
Bio-waste Hauler
Forest Manager
Soil Amendments
Animal Feed
Building Materials
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Noble Bioresources can help you capitalize on opportunities in the regenerative market.

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Meet the team

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Dan Noble | Founder & CEO
BA in Biology and Chemistry | UC 
MS in Molecular Biology and Education | UO

Dan has over 30 years of environmental market research, publishing, and consulting experience. Along with being the founder of NobleBioreources, Dan is the Executive Director of the ACP and has co-founded Environmental Business Journal, Environmental Business Int'l, and Resources Trends Inc.

Dave Miles | Co-founder & CSO
MBA | Occidental College

Before co-founding Noble Bioresources, Dave has co-founded and developed multiple businesses in bioenergy, bioplastics, direct mail services, and aircraft cockpit upgrades & training. He brings a strategic high-level focus and people-oriented approach to business development.

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Brendan Lehman | CMO & CDO

In addition to his role in Noble Bioresources, Brendan is the founder of Lehman Artworks, Liquid Box Design, and Aspire Art Boards. Brendan's career as a fine artist, designer, and entrepreneur has led him to develop skills extending from management & operations to marketing & design. 

Future Engineering
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Noble Technology connects you with state of the art processing equipment and machinery that delivers proven results. Our technology services include:

  • Equipment installation

  • Financial resources

  • Regulation compliance

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