Noble Bioresources, Inc.

Whether you are part of a local government or a private company, you will increasingly need to realize the value of organic and waste byproducts generated by your organization.


You have arrived at the threshold of a company that prioritizes the needs of human and environmental health and bioresource management while helping you advance toward a local regenerative economy.


Bioresources are defined as unused organic byproducts currently thought of as "waste" which are generated from our landscape, food, and wastewater systems.  Advancing the efficient production of useful bioproducts made from these bioresources is at the heart of our business.

Noble Bioresources is founded on a whole-systems approach to understanding organics refining and processing, marketing, and integration of the manufactured bioproducts. 

Below are the three divisions that comprise Noble Bioesources, Inc.



Business Meeting

The core value of Noble Consulting is collaboration toward the objective of taking your organization from compliance with organic recycling regulations to building local sustainable bioproduct markets. Our consulting services are based on:

  • quantified evidence overcoming the perceived conflict between regulations and profit,  leading to

  • logical and beneficial planning, followed by

  • project execution

We are agile and devoted to setting goals with defined documented, shared guidelines and principles. We see mutually agreed-upon standards as the cornerstone in successfully navigating the many opinions and impressions along the journey toward developing your local regenerative bioresource economy.  It begins with your facility(s) and extends to your County and regions, as far as your facility's operations and marketing activities reach.

Customer Service

Noble Direct Services & Solutions sells regenerative bioresource products & services to the agriculture, water, soil, and energy sectors. 

We represent these technologies based on performance efficiency, analytical data, sub-systems integration needs,  buyer endorsements, and income enhancement for our clients and customers. 

Product categories include:

  • Odor control & bio-film catalysts

  • Microbial soil & water enhancements

  • Bioproduct root growth stimulators

  • Biomass & bioprocessing energy systems

Data on a Touch Pad

The Noble BioDB™ database provides client teams with an integrated relational structure specific to each emerging local bioresources economy.  It is based on individual, or aggregate bioresource generators, processors, producers to bioproduct marketers. This framework gives management teams the tools to understand all aspects of the industry and answer pertinent questions about local markets and trends.  Noble BioDB™ provides reports for planning, risk-based management, and investment decisions. It is regularly updated with the latest market data derived from you and your region, in collaboration with other market participants.


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Dan Noble | Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Dan has over 30 years of environmental market research, publishing, and strategic consulting experience.  He is a co-founder of Environmental Business Journal, Environmental Business Int'l Research & Consulting, Resources Trends, Inc., Noble Resources Group, LLC, and Executive Director of the Association of Compost Producers.  Mr. Noble has B.A. degrees in Biology and Chemistry from the University of California, San Diego and M.S. degrees in Molecular Biology and Education from the University of Oregon. 

Leif Noble headshot_edited.jpg

Leif Noble | Co-Founder, Chief Financial/Operations Officer

Leif is looking to collaborate in accelerating the shift towards a regenerative, equitable economy that enhances global resilience. Careers in banking, renewable energy, retail sales, water management & analysis, and entrepreneurship have yielded a diverse set of skills in the areas of sales & marketing, management, finance & accounting, operations, resource data analytics, and leadership. Leif has a BS degree in Applied Physics and completed most coursework toward an MBA in Sustainable Enterprise.

Dave Miles Head shot_edited.png

Dave Miles | Co-Founder, Sr. Vice President of Sales

Before co-founding Noble Bioresources, Dave received his MBA from Occidental College and has co-founded and developed multiple businesses in bioenergy, bioplastics, direct mail services, and aircraft cockpit upgrades & training. He brings a strategic high-level focus and people-oriented approach to business development.

John Lehman Headshot.jpg

John Lehman, Ph.D. | Co-Founder, Database Architect

Dr. Lehman has a PhD in Molecular Biology and 30 years of experience designing and building database tools and embedded data collection systems. He leads the database design team and is also involved in new business development.


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